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Hawthorne Seafarers

The Mariners Prayer
All around the world in so many ports of call,
They gather together, Mariners one and all,
Joining their hands and their hearts as one.
Seeking to serve, Lord, that thy will be done.
As we go sailing away to only God knows where;
Teach us to care.
Teach us to share;
Is the Mariners' Prayer.
Across the stormy seas of live the Mariners go.
Faith is their ship and service is their cargo.
Guided by the light that has walked among men,
Trusting in that light to bring them all home again.
On the deep waters of life our ships are turned and tossed
Some may sink in the storm and others simply lost.
Lord, help us Mariners all to help one another.
Help us to save every single sister and brother.
Copyright, 1985 Gary Johnson



Unless otherwise noted all events will be at
Calvary Presbyterian Church
13560 Hawthorne Boulevard Hawthorne, California 90250
Don't miss these evenings of Christian fellowship and fun. Purchase your tickets today and invite a friend.

Seafarers Coffee Time
Seafarers provide the coffee.
On your assigned date, please bring 2 gallon of juice for you to serve at the reception following worship. If you cannot serve on your assigned day, please trade with another member and notify
Emily Pim (310) 978-1058 or Herb Hammer (310) 643-7438 Seafarers - Directions to make coffee: 25 cups water + 1 pkg decaf coffee Coffee, filter, cups, sugar, creamer & stir sticks located in kitchen closet. Place coffee on sideboard in back of Cowan Hall & plug in. Place cups, sugar, creamer & stir sticks beside coffee




WOMEN of Calvary Bible Study

Esther Circle usually meets at Calvary on the first Monday of each month at 9:00a.m. for a simple breakfast and bible study.
Please call Pam Wilson 310-644-9211 for more information
Rebekah Circle usually meets at various locations, on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm.m for dessert and bible study.
Please call Joan Reiné 310-676-5686 for more information